Pricing & Fees

One size does not fit all

No two assignments are the same. We price all our work fairly and flexibly. A number of factors make up our fee structure. We are able to offer to pricing by assignment for defined pieces of work.

Our pricing and fees are highly competitive and based on the individual assignment. Different pricing structures are available according to your business needs and reviewed as your needs may change.

We can offer virtual executive assistant support either on an hourly rate or on a rolling monthly retainer. Whatever your need, we will work with you to provide the support you need.

Enquire today as to how Red Pepper Virtual Services many be the only support you will ever need!

For more information, or to discuss our pricing structure, please contact us today on 0776 449 3175, or alternatively at

"As an independent financial executive, administration is not one of my strongest areas. I contact Red Pepper Virtual Services with a view to assisting me with a particularly high peak in my workload. I have found myself going back time and time again and cannot rate highly enough the quality of service I have received. The Team are professional, proficient and a pleasure to deal with."
Shariq - Accountant